And now, the most disturbing way to exercise, mobile phone required

Yes, this is a suggestive picture, and it is supposed to be that way, apparently.

This man is doing an Android App known as Issho ni Training. It translates to “Training Together”, but it looks like something that one would prefer to do alone. You can watch the video after the jump, which I’m sure many would rule as NSFW, to see why.

As you can see, the user is on a body pillow that looks like Hinako, the 16-year-old anime character from the app. To do push-ups, he puts the phone on the lips of the picture of Hinako and kisses the screen with every push-up. It sounds like Hinako is really enjoying it.

You can also watch the man do squats, and his reward for good exercise is to see some nice views of Hinako. That goes for doing sit-ups.

Okay. I think there is something to be said about this. I’m not saying that purchasing and using this app would make you a pervert, but it might give people an excuse to call you one. At least you’ll be physically fit. I’ll let you decide whether or not this is creepy, as I’ve already made my decision.

I believe that the App is a packaged deal with a DVD. It all sells for about $25. I don’t know if that includes the Hinako body pillow.