The Smoking Gun smokes but doesn’t cook food

by Ally

If you’ve become obsessed with giving your food that smoky flavor, you might looking into this Smoking Gun.  It’ll allow for you to smoke a whole lot more than you normally would thanks to some unconventional methods.  Instead of being stuck only smoking foods while you cook them, you can smoke items that you don’t actually want cooked.

You just choose your wood as normal and use the gun to blow it onto your food of choice.  Since the smoke travels a little bit of a distance it won’t actually cook the food of choice.  It will work on delicate fruits and vegetables as well as both cooked and uncooked meats.  The extender hose measures 18” long and the gun itself features a removable filter.   You can purchase The Smoking Gun for $99.95 through Williams-Sonoma.

Source: GadgetLab

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