SkinnyBytes reveals new range of All-In-One computers

SkinnyBytes has rolled out a new range of Power-over-Ethernet machines that are also All-In-One computers, coming in a variety of sizes that start from 8.9” and goes all the way to 18.5”. Since these are powered via a Power-over-Ethernet model, they will not need any AC power outlets to run. After all, AC electrical power is expensive to install, where it is also by far more dangerous than the low-voltage DC power provided by PoE. When you think about this paradigm shift, the significant cost savings alongside a touchscreen interface, makes these systems perfect for small businesses as well as schools who want something basic, simple and green while delivering enough processing muscle for the average computing functions.

What does SkinnyBytes offer with their new range? For starters, we’re talking about value and to elaborate on it further, research has shown that eliminating the need for installing an AC outlet can easily reduce the cost of having new computers around by at least 50%. With Power-over-Ethernet computers, they could very well be the new example of the ultimate eco-friendly computer, using up to 90% less juice than a traditional computer – perfect for lowering your power bills. Imagine running a business with 100 computers, multiplying that savings by a hundredfold. You can’t get any greener than this unless someone comes up with a hamster-powered computer.

Apart from that, there are safety issues to consider. AC power is very dangerous due to the high-voltage/high-current it supplies, and making prevention better than cure. In classroom environments, the safety of the students could not be emphasized more, where AC outlets within reach of curious students might just be fatal. Power-over-Ethernet computers use low-voltage/low-current power over a standard network cable, doing away with the need for AC electrical receptacles. Since this range of PoE computers are compatible with IEEE standard 802.3at for Power-over-Ethernet, they also utilize other power saving technologies such as solid state drives, low-power Intel Atom Processors, LED backlighting, and passive cooling technologies. All of them will come with Windows 7 pre-installed and a TouchScreen interface regardless of their size.

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