Seagull LED Table Lamp

This gadget took a design cue from seagulls in a very smart way.  The top of this lamp looks like its ready to break away from the stand and fly off into the darkness, lighting the ground as it goes.  This interesting looking light isn’t just another concept design either.  It’ll soon be up for sale so that you can light your favorite book with it.

Those wings aren’t just there for looks either, they have a little movement to give you control over the angle of the lights.  The light itself is packed full of 72 LED lights, that all together only have an output of 14W.  Which is likely enough to make it appeal to those of you that are trying to be a little more energy efficient.  The knob to turn it off and on also can dim the light as dim as 5%.  These are said to become available this August.

Source: Gizmowatch

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