Automatic Can Bin


For those of you who have run out of ways to decorate your home, you might want to consider getting the Automatic Can Bin. After all, it definitely is cheaper than those high end models from names like Brabantia, and for £49.99 a pop, you will be able to place this conversation starter in just about any corner of the home without having it look out of place. Featuring a sensor in its lid that makes things more practical and hygienic, the Automatic Can Bin will feature a mirror finish (hopefully it won’t get scratched too soon) alongside stainless steel. The sensor is sensitive enough to detect movement from 15cm to 20cm away, and will close after 5 secnods. A black plastic inner removable liner bucket makes it easier to clean it separately once the bin is nearly full – just don’t exceed the 30 liter limit and you’ll do just fine. It would be nice to see different brands of drinks appear on the outside like Coke or Pepsi for that added touch of class.

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