Aiptek 3D HD Camcorder

This could very well be the year where stereoscopic 3D technology catches on, and Firebox caters to this need for the average home consumer with the Aiptek 3D HD Camcorder. Retailing for £199.99, it comes with a 2.4” display that has a built-in 3D filter, giving you an eye-popping experience whenever you view videos on it. The Aiptek 3D HD Camcorder will rely on two lenses as well as an equal number of sensors to shoot stunning high definition (1280 x 720) 3D video and stills. One advantage of this would not having to wear a pair of special glasses in order to view your handiwork wherever you are thanks to the display’s integrated 3D filter as mentioned. Of course, you can also play back its content on a dedicated 3D TV if you have one at home, without the need for glasses as well. All you need to do is hook it up to the TV through Aiptek’s HDMI socket. Its rechargeable battery isn’t too long lasting, running out of juice after 1.5 hours of recording time, while movies are stored on a SD/SDHC/MMC memory card.

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  1. Hey authors! I am back to Coolest Gadgets! This is first time I am looking at this 3D camcorder. Let me tell you one thing that you have increased my knowledge if I consider towards latest gadgets.

  2. hi there yes the panasonic 3d camcorder is on best buy web site both shoot 3d hd but panasonic 3d price your going break the bank acount at $1,499 but on sale curently at $1,199 very expansive but the aiptek i2 3d camcorder only cost $199

  3. They only draw back of ALL 3D technology is finding a cheap and easy way to view and share your 3D content.

    For 3-D Pictures I would recommend printing your 3D Photos as Side-by-Side “parallel” images and viewing them with a 3Dphotoscope. (the pictures can be printed anywhere just like regular photos for about 10 cents each).

    For 3-D Videos I would recommend getting some 3D Prism Glasses on AMAZ0N for about 20 dollars. (They can also be used for “pre-viewing” 3D Digital Pictures on your screen but the 3Dphotoscope is much better for regular viewing of 3D photos.)

  4. I am looking in to buying an HD camcorder.
    I don’t plan on doing too much with it; I just want to record everyday things.
    What is a good quality camcorder that I could find without having to spend too much?
    I know nothing about camcorders so I don’t even know where to start!
    I could really use some help.

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