Geneco’s VW Beetle runs on human waste, insert scatalogical joke here

Sure, there is a trend in cars toward electrical and hydrogen fuels, but this one from Geneco runs on human waste.

Yes, Geneco, a sustainable-energy company owned by Wessex Water, has presented us with a modified Volkswagen Beetle that runs on the compressed methane gas from human waste.

I believe that my source calls this a Dung Beetle, and that seems to be the best joke that I could think of. Hit the jump to find out more information, as well as some bad and obvious jokes.

Here’s how my source says it works:

Biogas is generated when filth from Wessex Water’s sewage works is put into a decomposition container, where oxygen-starved bacteria break it down to produce methane. The methane is then harvested and placed in tanks inside the boot of the Beetle, where it can be used to power the car’s slightly modified engine.

Okay, time for the jokes:

1) This gives new meaning to the expression “crap-car”!

2) All they would have to do is modify the car seats into toilets, and you would never have to stop at a gas station to refuel or use the bathroom. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

I was hoping to have three jokes here, but I’ve got nothing. Maybe you would like to insert a comment here about this possible new trend in automotive power. Please keep them as tasteful as you can.


6 thoughts on “Geneco’s VW Beetle runs on human waste, insert scatalogical joke here”

  1. Holyshit! Now this is definitely eco-friendly 🙂 Talk about my last car being a piece of shit lol! This car takes the cow patty and then some haha!

  2. now everytime someone exclaims “shit” I’ll tell them , don’t waste it, send it to genco.
    talk about going green!!!
    too goo(d) to be true. (in hindi goo means shit)lol

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