Big Trak programmable tank


Want to wipe the dust off your brain the fun way? The Big Trak programmable tank could be the perfect fodder for such a scenario, as this cool-looking 6-wheeled tank is fully programmable, allowing you to dictate where you want it to go, blast away its imaginary photon beam as well as take a break by looking menacing even when parked. All it takes for the Big Trak to move forward a selected length, fire away and return to you is determined by a few simple instructions. It has an onboard memory that is able to store up to 16 commands at any one time, allowing your Big Trak to torment the cat and return to you nicely while you have breakfast, reading the morning paper. It does resemble the 1980s though in terms of design, featuring black/red/yellow stickers as well as a form factor that is based on the original’s contours. Big Trak’s capabilities include moving forward 99 lengths, pause, perform 360 degree turns, fire blue light photons and repeat thanks to loop sequences. It can be yours for £39.99.

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Michael King Says: August 6, 2010 at 2:18 pm

I had one of these when i was 5

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