Woman types emergency Instant Message with her toes

by Mark R

I’m not certain if this is really one of the coolest gadgets that we report on, but this is definitely one of the best demonstrations of how technology can help us out, in an unconventional way.

The story begins with Amy Windom, who had her home invaded, and was tied up to her bed by an armed man. The burglar went through her belongings and stole her car.

She was afraid that he would return, but there wasn’t really a way she could call for help. That is, until she managed to get her legs to her laptop computer. She then typed the IM message that you see in the photo with her feet.

Yes, she really typed it out with her toes. She said that the real hard part was hitting the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys to turn the computer on. She then used her toe as a mouse, but she says that she couldn’t type with her big toe. Oddly enough, my source does not explain how her toe-typing worked.

After Amy sent this message to her boyfriend, the police came. There is no word whether or not the police caught the man who did it or not.


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Krisz Says: August 6, 2010 at 1:22 am

Yeah, there should be a gadget made for emergency situations where you need to type with your toes 🙂

damaja Says: August 6, 2010 at 2:32 am

Since when do you have to hit Ctrl, Alt, and Delete to turn a computer on?? Long time ago, you could turn OFF your computer with that…

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