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Twilight Umbrella to offer a starry night even when it rains


Think that there is nothing more romantic than walking under the stars at night? Well, what happens when you have carefully planned a date, only for the weather to foil your romantic postlude which is a walk down the beach after a lovely dinner? Fret not, the Twilight Umbrella is here to help, as it boasts bunches of tiny blue fibre optic lights that might just resemble stars far up in the sky, albeit in a carefully ordered manner. Some of you might want to take out your totem then to make sure that you aren’t dreaming, and that your date isn’t about to perform inception on you. You will realize that the Twilight Umbrellas will come in two varieties – one of them has color phasing stars that light up on the outside and inside, while the other is the aforementioned model with blue fibre optic ligghts. Powered by a trio of AAA batteries, each umbrella will cost you £24.99.

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