MIT project working on heating and cooling video game controllers

Imagine that you were using a video game controller, and it suddenly got very hot.

I’m sure all of you who have experienced the overheating Xbox 360 would probably say “Uh-oh”, but this is not a result of technical failure. You see, this video game controller can get very cold as well.

Yes, this is a little project at MIT that gives the player a chance to feel hot or cold sensations in a video game. It works by having a pair of thermoelectric surfaces that are located on either side of the controller itself.

I think we know what this could be used for. You know how most video games have an icy level that is really hard because you can slip on the ice? The controller would be very cool at that point, like you are in the arctic. You know how most video games have a “lava level” where it is also really hard because you stumble on the lava. At this point, the video game controller will get warm.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what will be the first console to receive this controller, but it could easily be the next motion controller or shaker thing for video game controllers.