Super Mario Brothers controlled with eyes

by Mark R

Do you remember when we reported on the Nintendo DS game called Kao Glider, where the player uses their face to control the game? Well, Waterloo Labs has come up with a way to control Super Mario Brothers with your eyes.

Yes, I didn’t think that was a logical progression, and I thought that I would see more face-controlled games before I would see the first eye-controlled game. Waterloo Labs did pick a classic to be the very first eye controlled game, and I have a video after the jump of how the system works.

There is a science to it by putting in electrodes around each eye, and then putting it through a circuit board that can translate into joystick movements.

Go ahead and check out the video to see these people with the eyes moving. You will note their eyes go up to make Mario jump. I can’t help but wonder if it would hurt your eyes after a while.

Also, wouldn’t moving your eyes take away your sight of the screen? In other words, if Mario has to make a jump to avoid a bad guy, could shifting your eyes upward cause you to lose sight of the enemy that you’re trying to avoid?

So, what other video games do we want to see made for the eyes? How about Tetris?


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