Rubik’s Slide Puzzle


Another puzzle game to keep you occupied – we’re talking about the Rubik’s Slide Puzzle from Firebox. This will take a classic and literally place a twist to it, where practising your brain costs just £19.99. This ingenious new brainteaser might just be as addictive as the original Rubik’s Cube, where it packs more than 10,000 puzzles which can be played freestyle or against the clock if you’re looking for more challenge in your life. You can ‘slide’ the lights into the correct position, with the option to ‘twist’ lights into the correct position as well. A single face of backlit tiles dominate this puzzle, where you are supposed to rearrange them into various patterns that are displayed at the start of each unique challenge. We wonder whether you will get a case of Rubik’s thumb if you spend more than enough time on this.

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