Dog Walker’s Dumbbells for additional workout

Some folks get a dog simply because they love a faithful and loyal companion, while others have one because it acts as an incentive to get enough exercise. After all, walking the dog every days is important to your canine friend’s mental health as it is a response which is required for it to fulfill its daily migratory walk quota, otherwise it will start to exhibit some destructive tendencies when you’re not around like wayward toilet habits and chewing on stuff. When you’re getting a workout while walking Fido, why not go the extra mile with the Dog Walker’s Dumbbells? It will add a dimension of an upper body workout to your daily routine, doubling up as a dog leash at the same time. There is a three-way trigger on one dumbbell which will lets out the 16′ leash, while keeping it locked at the desired length. Both dumbbells will come with a quartet of 1/2-lb. weights which can be screwed on to the 1/2-lb. handgrips, delivering a customizable weight training method for different arms. The Dog Walker’s Dumbbells retail for $59.95.