China apparently building big buses that go over traffic

I think we all know that mass transit can be improved, but this idea for civilian transport is pulled straight out of science fiction.

Basically, this is a rail train that looks like a monorail, but it has two rails. Each of these rails are on the side of the road, which allows the cars to run underneath it.

You will note how the rails are to the sides of the road so a car can’t drive over the rail and be run over by this mammoth rail train.

You will also note how people need to get in the train from a second-story doors. This means that you’ll have to build some stations for this. You want to know what would really be cool? If this rail train had a glass bottom so you can look on the people in their cars, hopelessly stuck in traffic.

I realize how cool this sounds, but it is apparently reality, and Shenzhen Huashi Future Parking Equipment is supposedly breaking ground on these special tracks in Beigin’s Mentougou district by the end of the year.

I can actually think of something cooler. Imagine an even bigger train that allows this rail train to pass underneath it. Hey, if the world’s population continues to increase, then we have to think of even more creative ways to do mass transit.