Six Zone Heated Mattress Pad

Why not prepare for winter with the Six Zone Heated Mattress Pad from Hammacher? You might balk at the $249.99 price point since it might be a whole lot cheaper to just purchase an extremely thick blanket to keep yourself warm, but then again a blanket won’t be able to offer individual spots of different warmth on your mattress, does it? This heated mattress pad comes with half a dozen warming zones that can be adjusted independently to provide different levels of warmth under the head, torso, and leg regions for two sleepers. The heating elements themselves were specially woven into the mattress pad (with three under each sleeper), where individual zones come with 10 different temperature settings that enable one’s feet to remain toasty warm while your head rests on a slightly cooler surface. Just like most other things in the house today, this also comes with a wireless remote that lets you adjust the temperature settings. There is also a preheat function which allows the mattress pad to get warm before you jump into bed, and for safety reasons, it can turn itself off automatically after 10 hours. While the remote control requires a trio of AAA batteries to work, the mattress pad itself needs to feed off an AC outlet.

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