This metal puzzle is actually a gun!

by Mark R

I don’t know if we have any readers that are TSA employees, but if they are, then don’t let this on the plane!

This is because that this is not an ordinary puzzle. This is assuming that a puzzle with 125 parts is “normal”. Personally, I think I would have a heck of a time solving it.

However, you should know that this particular puzzle has about 20 pieces that can form a single-shot .45 handgun.

By the way, the puzzle needs a special key in order to disassemble it, and I’m guessing that it doesn’t come with the bullet. Good luck trying to get past security with those bullets and this puzzle, buddy.

Now we come to the question as to why someone would make something like this. I mean, is someone actually trying to get past security with a one-shot gun?

I know that John Malkovich assembled a two-shot gun so he could kill the president in In the Line of Fire, and he had to assemble it secretly. I don’t think he could do this big puzzle underneath the table.

Could we somehow make a version of this for kids? Maybe certain parts of this could form a one shot Nerf gun.


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