Flowlab 14-wheel Skateboard for better corners

by Mark R

We have reported on a lot of skateboard technology in the past, such as the Robotic Skateboard and the 19 MPH Skateboard.

Here’s is another advancement in skateboarding known as the Flowlab 14-wheel skateboard. As you can see, it has 7 wheels on an arch-shaped axle.

This is in lieu of the “trucks” that normally mount the four wheels on a board. Apparently, the presence of the extra wheels and curved shape helps skaters “carve” turns.

You might note my semi-authentic use of the slang of Sk8ers (misspelled on purpose). This is because I once owned a skateboard. Yes, before I was a blogger, I was a boarder. Granted, I was not a very good one, and I have never been “gleaming the cube”.

From what I remember, it took a little while (as well as some painful spills) to learn the art of turning on a skateboard. The problem is the board leans during a turn, and you have to adjust your balance for that.

I would think that the presence of more wheels would create a turning board that would be very hard to balance on. However, I’m sure that a real skating pro would be able to maintain their balance. Alas, I am not one of them.


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