Float Table uses magnets to make magic hovering effect

This is the Float Table, and it combines some of the best technology from the seventies and the eighties, along with yet-to-be-invented hover technology.

As you can see, the Float Table has that brown wood look that was so prevalent in the disco decade. The rotary phone is also a nice touch. As for the eighties, it certainly has that Rubik’s Cube thing going on.

According to my Source, those cubes are held together by the power of magnets. These attracting and rebelling forces somehow work together to appear like blocks floating in air, but still stable.

By the way, there are steel cables attached to the blocks to keep this structure from completely falling apart. I guess that you can’t see the cables in this picture. I’m also told that this is so you can shape the Float Table into whatever you want. I really wish that I had some pictures of that, as I would have attached them to this post.

I wonder if it is possible to shift this Float Table into something that looks more like an actual table with legs. I also wonder how much weight the table can hold.

Well, this is a concept piece of furniture as of now, but you never know. I don’t even know if this thing actually works, or if this is some complicated mock-up.