Wise Hammer finds and marks studs

I’ve heard of different gadgets that help the DIY challenged find studs in the wall, but this hammer actually has a built-in stud finder that’ll help you to hang up heavy items without causing too much distress to your walls.  With the stud sensor  you’ll be able to find the stud and then it even has a way to help you mark exactly where you found it.  That’ll keep you from worrying about forgetting the exact location.

The Wise Hammer has a little light towards the end of the handle, when it flashes green you’ve found a stud.  Then you use the marking nub to mark the wall in the exact location of the stud.  After that, all you have left to do is use the hammer to pound in any necessary nails.  You can purchase the whole thing through the Wise Hammer website for $29.99.

Source: OhGizmo