Tape Measure with built-in calculator

by Ally

When you’re measuring several items at a time,  sometimes it’s hard to remember all of the necessary numbers.  If you tend to forget that information often, you might want to consider buying a tape measure that can actually help you remember those numbers.  This one has a handy little notepad right inside of the tape measure for you to write down all of your important information.  Plus, if you need to do some math for a large project, it has a calculator too.

The calculator and the notepad stay hidden within.  That’ll make it so that you don’t get the calculator and notepad quite so filled with sawdust while you’re messing with any woodworking.  Sure, the whole design isn’t the most expensive out there, but it would do the trick.  The tape measure itself can measure up to 10 feet long.  The calculator comes with the required batteries and the tape measure with that very necessary belt clip.  You can pick up the whole thing for $12.98.

Source: Bookofjoe

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