Nimble Noggin Dexterity Challenge

Since our brain is a muscle, it goes without saying that giving it adequate exercise is important to have it chugging along nicely. The Nimble Noggin Dexterity Challenge from Hammacher offers you just that, where this game of skill will challenge little ones to maintain a steady hand over a robotic corkscrew course. All they need to do is to turn the crank to power up the robot’s internal dynamo, followed by passing a metal wand over the twists of the antenna. Should the metal surfaces make contact, they will automatically complete an electronic circuit, letting the android buzz while flashing his lights crazily in robotic reproof, giving your child all the necessary motivation to start again and over again. Good to know that this $34.95 “toy” will not cost you much more down the road in terms of batteries, since it doesn’t require any and won’t need to be hooked up to an external power supply, with no parts getting lost adding to its appeal.

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