Use the face for Nintendo DSi game

by Mark R

We all know that Microsoft is turning the whole body into a controller with the Kinect. Nintendo didn’t have anything like that for the Wii at E3 last month, because I guess they thought the 3DS was enough.

There is a game for the DSiWare that does use your body as a controller, even though it is just your face. The game is called “Kao Glider”, which translates into “Face Glider”.

Kao Glider is played by the user moving his or her face around. I presume that the DSi uses the camera to capture where the face is. So if you move your face up, the glider goes up. Move it down, the glider goes down, and so on.

Now here is the real question. Do you really want to look like an idiot playing Kao Glider on a bus, train, airplane, or any other place where you are seen in public? I suppose you would if you want to humiliate yourself, but it is a way to get attention.

I wonder what other type of “face games” you can create. I’m not just talking about games for the DSi Ware. After all, that iPhone 4 has that awesome front-facing camera. Surely there will be an App made for a face-moving game on the iPhone.


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