Remote Controlled Water Soaker

by Ally

Swimways offers all sorts of fun gadgets for out in the pool.  One of them has already made it onto Coolest Gadgets and this one is just as awesome as the last.  The other one was a game that required you to dive and search for the gadget as fast as possible.  This one allows you to attack just about anyone that happens to come within shooting distance of the pool.  This is the absolute perfect gift to give someone else’s kids for them to torture their parents with.

The toy comes with a water-resistant radio controller that will work whether it’s in or out of the water.  The soaker itself is capable of shooting up to 20 feet away.  That’ll make it possible to shoot at all sorts of people unwilling to dive into the pool themselves.  To keep it powered it has a battery and a charger that are included with the package deal.  You can pick up the Swimways R/C Water Soaker in either orange or green for $39.21 through Amazon.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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