Pen can do shredding and invisible writing

This is the “Paper Lacerating Pen”, and it has many features. At least two more than the average pen.

First of all, it allows you to write messages or anything else in “invisible letters”. Then, with the LED light on top, you can shine on what you have written and have a secret be revealed. I wonder if it is like that thing from the Da Vinci Code.

Not only can you write down coded messages, but you can shred them after you are finished. Yes, this pen actually has a paper shredder built right in. Granted, it looks like you can only shred things that are less than two inches wide, but hey, how many other pens can say they come with a shredder? Take that, Bic!

I suppose that the best use of this product is a toy. Unless you have a spy agency. Just think about how an agent can leave another agent a message on a small piece of paper with this pen. Then the other agent, who also has this pen, can read the message, and then shred it!

Oddly enough, my Source did not link to the company that makes these. I ran a search on “Paper Lacerating Pen” and it was also fruitless. I could easily see this marketed as something that Spy Gear would make.