Mattel Loopz lets you have fun the modern way


Forget about button mashing, that is clearly old school (although by no means outdated) with the success of the Nintendo Wii and promise of the Kinect system from Microsoft being examples of how the gaming scene is changing. Mattel, toy maker extraordinaire, has also decided to join the fray by coming up with a new toy known as Mattel Loopz. It will utilize a range of infrared beam sensors which will detect when you place your hand through a quartet of semi-circular rings. The game itself will come with 7 gameplay modes, letting you go solo or have fun with up to 3 other different people. Among the game modes include Music Studio, Freestyle DJ, Musicology, Reflex Master, Versus mode, Rhythm and Flow, and Repeat the Beat. In multi-player mode, players can create their own patterns to try and outsmart their rivals. Want to pick this up? It is going for $29.99.

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