iSafe Bag with built-in alarm

When kids are sent off to school, be it elementary, high school or college, parents are going to worry.  It just comes with the territory.  However, if you feel your kids could come into harm there are gadgets out there to help them out.  One of them is this iSafe bookbag that has a built-in alarm directly in the strap.  If the child is in trouble and needs help they can just activate the alarm to get the person that’s scaring the child to run off.

These bags come in all sorts from messenger bags to backpacks on up to laptop bags.  They even have bags specifically designed for girls that love their pink.  The alarm gets set off by pulling on a pin in the strap and doesn’t stop until the pin is put back.  The rest of the bag is just like any other bag out there.  You can purchase them for anywhere from $60 on up to about $100.  It is a little pricey for a child’s backpack, but at least it’ll help you stay calm.

Source: Ubergizmo

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