Taylor 550 Pound Projection Scale

If you have a hard time staring down to figure out those foreboding numbers that pop up on your scale, you could go a little higher tech with that infamous bathroom accessory.  Instead of getting one that forces you to stare down, you could pick up this one that projects the numbers onto the wall in bright red letters.  It’s designed for those that are extremely overweight, but if you just enjoy seeing normal items printed on the wall instead then this will do the trick.

The scale goes clear up to 550lbs to accommodate those with more serious weight problems.  The projector is also meant to help anyone with poor eyesight in addition to those that just have a hard time reading the numbers due to physical constraints.  In order to keep it running it requires 3 AA batteries, which thankfully are included.  You can purchase the scale with a 5 year warranty for $79.99 through Amazon.

Source: TechFresh