Two people can live in this yellow submarine

We have reported on a lot of personal submarines here at Coolest Gadgets like the Marion Hyper-sub powerboat, the Nautilus VAS Luxury submersible, even Richard Branson’s underwater plane, the Nymph.

This is another personal submarine, and it is yellow. Unfortunately, it is not big enough so we all can live in it, as it only seats two people with upright seating.

It is good for going 1,000 feet under the water, and the life support is good for six hours. It also features a 120 volt and 24 volt battery bank, two 3 horsepower main thrusters, two 3 horsepower vertical thrusters, four external halogen lamps, VHF communication radio, GPS, as well as a climate controlled sphere. I’m not certain what that means, but I’m guessing you can make it very warm or very cool in there.

I don’t know how far you could go with this guy from the shore, but man, I would love to see it for myself. Anyone know if you need a license to drive one of these things? I wonder how many mini subs are out there under the water anyway.

After all, they only cost a low price of…two million dollars? Well, I knew that this type of hobby wouldn’t be cheap.