Computer graphics go holographic, thanks to new technology

What you are seeing here is a hologram, but unlike most holograms, it is not based on a real three dimensional object. What you see there was made in a computer.

This is some new technology being developed at Kansai University in Osaka, and it could easily be the next wave for holograms. Granted, the CG images have to have a resolution of up to 128K x 64K. I have been told that that number is extremely high, as it takes a computer with 100GB of memory three days to process all that data.

I have included a video of it after the jump so you can see what it looks like. You will notice that the images are only in red for now, so it resembles a Virtual Boy. They are working on making them with different colors.

You realize what this means. Think of your favorite Pixar, PDI, or other cool CG movie fully rendered in 3D. Granted, it would be in monochromatic red if done now, and it would take years before you would have it, but the idea of the first holographic film excites me. Considering all these 2D films that have been made into 3D, just imagine how cool a CG movie would be in true holographic 3D.

This technology will be on display at the upcoming SIGGRAPH 2010, which is in Los Angeles starting Sunday.