ZAGG has a new solution for the antenna concern connected to the iPhone 4


ZAGG is a name that most of us are familiar with, as the company has already made its mark with its range of invisibleSHIELD, ZAGGskins, and ZAGGsparq brands, offering all round protection to your precious mobile device without making it look bulky in any way. Well, the company is back with a brand new protective skin for the famous Apple iPhone 4, and they have certainly done their homework by completing independent testing to determine whether these new protective skins products are able to help improve antenna concerns which has plagued the Apple iPhone 4 for quite some time since it was released. Nice to know that they have succeeded, so you will be able to hold your spanking new iPhone 4 in any way with it well protected without looking as though it has put on additional weight in any way.

According to Brian Packer, VP of Marketing for ZAGG, “We are thrilled to offer this solution to help customers get the most out of their iPhone 4. Nobody wants to hide that amazing device behind a bulky case just to save the signal, and by using the invisibleSHIELD or ZAGGskins, they don’t need to.” His sentiment is echoed that way simply because conclusions from internal tests, independent lab tests and research with consumers in the wireless industry point towards the invisibleSHIELD and ZAGGskins doing their bit in preventing a loss of signal strength which has been attributed to placing the hand over the antennas on the lower left-hand corner of the handset.

If you are interested to give your iPhone 4 the most discreet form of protection possible, the invisibleSHIELD Full Body Maximum Coverage will retail for $24.99 a pop, while the ZAGGskin is going for $19.99. The Complete Sides Only Coverage will specifically target the antenna concern, where it will set you back by $9.99. Seems that there is a solution for everyone with an iPhone 4, depending on the type and amount of protection you want your smartphone to have.

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