Six Person Motorized Oasis


If you’re rich enough to own a pool in your own home, then chances are forking out $449.95 for the Six Person Motorized Oasis shouldn’t be too much of a headache for you. After all, it seats a good half dozen people inside, boasting integrated speakers to provide ambient music (or rock music if you prefer to electrify things a little bit), while a cooler makes sure everyone is kept happy with ice cold drinks during a hot summer afternoon. This self-propelled inflatable oasis is the perfect tool if you want to make merry in your pool, where its electric motor will help propel the lounger across a pool, lake, or any calm body of water at 2 mph. Fret not, you will still be in control thanks to its steering that comes in the form of an outboard-style handle. A quartet of waterproof 4.8-watt stereo speakers provide clear sound, but you will need to attach your iPod or compatible MP3 player to it via a sealed waterproof pocket. As long as the total number of people sitting in it do not weigh more than 900lbs, this will float.

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