Jeans made to shock pickpockets

by Ally

In my home area I’m not in the slightest bit concerned about someone picking through my pockets or purse.  However, no one in a large and strange city doesn’t realize the risk you run when you let on that you’re a tourist.  Even if you live in a city all of the time, as soon as you get into a crowded area you’re abundantly aware of how easy it’d be for someone to swipe your wallet and the thief to disappear into the crowd.  Thankfully one person created a kit to attempt to keep pickpockets from being successful.

You just fit a small battery-operated kit into the garment.  After you’ve gotten it all set up in your jeans and flipped the on switch, anyone that tries to remove your wallet will receive a 220-volt shock.  To protect you from getting the same shock there is a rubber coating that, Syam Chaurasia, slipped into the pockets.  This isn’t currently up for sale just yet, but the creator has hopes that he could connect with a company to help him sell these.

Source: Newlaunches

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