ThruVision TS4 scanners

I think that this age of personal security demands full-body scanners, but X-rays have that whole harmful radiation thing going on.

Thruvision TS4 is able to see through your body without any radiation. It doesn’t use the X-ray vision lens that we reported on a while ago, but it scans body heat.

These body heat scanners would be able to detect a weapon or other type of contraband as a dark spot that you see on the belt of the scanned person in the photo here. The good news is that the scans go under the clothes, but the operator can’t see what you look like naked.

According to my source, the TS4 is more portable than a metal detector. I would imagine that it just uses one camera, and not that door frame set up that you see in courthouses and airports.

Well, I suppose that would improve security. Of course, I’m sure that even now, people who really do smuggle contraband and weapons through security are probably thinking about how to evade this type of scanning. For example, wrapping an illegal item in some sort of warm package so it is “cloaked” from the scanners. Something like that, at least.