Renovo Photo Scanner offers instant data transfer


Photo scanners are old hat, and so are portable, handheld ones. Well, don’t just dismiss the Renovo Photo Scanner as another has-been before you even know what it does, eh? This unique £69.99 purchase will not only convert your old photos into a digital file format, it will also send those files straight onto an SD memory card (which is obviously inserted into the Renovo Photo Scanner itself) so that you do not need to power up a computer and be tethered by a wire while you covert hundreds of old photos. No sir, with the Renovo Photo Scanner, you can sit down in front of the TV and watch Avatar three times over in succession while you scan in your stack of old photos, being safe in the knowledge that each photo that goes through will already be digitized into a file for future use. Of course, the memory card slot also supports Memory Stick or the MMC formats. All photos are stored in 2-megapixel resolution, which means you can’t blow them up too large down the road.

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