Motorola i1 is new Nextel Direct Connect Smartphone

Fancy an Android-powered Nextel Direct Connect Smartphone? Well, you can get your digs with the Motorola i1, a spanking new Android-powered smartphone which won’t cost you more than $150, albeit coming with a 2-year contract. This is a world’s first just in case you were wondering, where it will hit the market in the US this coming July 25th. The Motorola i1 is no pushover when it comes to smartphones in terms of ruggedness, as you can tell by its solid body construction that adheres to military specifications when it comes to protection against dust, shock, vibration and blowing rain, making the Motorola i1 an ideal smartphone for folks who work and play hard. There is one downside to all of this though – the Motorola i1 runs on Android 1.5 which frankly, is old hat and won’t even support most of the more modern apps available these days, making us wonder just what Sprint is up to.

Of course, not all is doom and gloom even with Android 1.5 running on it (although we would have liked to have an assurance of an update coming our way in the near future), as the Motorola i1 will come with a range of robust business and entertainment applications that can be downloaded off the Android Market thanks to its integrated Wi-Fi capability. You will be able to reorganize your life better thanks to applications such as Scan2PDF Mobile 2.0, Unit Converter – ConvertPad and RealCalc Scientific Calculator and Facebook or Twitter support. Not only that, there are Sprint partner applications that is available for businesses on the Motorola i1 which include the Xora mobile workforce management solution which enables businesses to have real-time visibility into field operations, while helping to automate payroll and job workflow processes.

Apart from that, you can also access your Microsoft Office files on the go thanks to Microsoft Document Viewer, with a 5-megapixel camera to capture beautiful moments when you do not have a dedicated digital camera handy. A 3.1″ HVGA screen, microSD memory card slot and Flash 8 support are part of the other specifications. You up for a new rugged phone? We admit, for a rugged handset, it is quite the looker.

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