Hopscotch Hero, probably not coming to video consoles anytime soon

by Mark R

I don’t think my Source for this story says that London design agency Tinker actually calls its latest creation Hopscotch Hero. Considering it is a digital representation of a game that probably involves light up areas to keep rhythm, what else would you call it?

Yeah, you might as well name it after the successful video game franchise of Guitar Hero. That seems quite natural, but it feels unnatural to take something as simple as hopscotch and put a technical spin on it.

I can’t help but think that Tinker saw a bunch of schoolchildren playing hopscotch and just said: “that is not enough”. Just like the guy who invented Pong was probably inspired by tennis.

The Hopscotch Hero, as I’m sure it will always be known as, has a vertical display that shows the player’s hops along with a floor-based sensor for recording movement. I wonder if the player has to throw some sort of electronic stone or something. I think that is one way to play hopscotch, as I have forgotten how, really.

Well, if these Hopscotch Hero guys are serious about his creation, then that is one heck of a video game peripheral that players will have to buy, let me tell you. Couldn’t they just make a huge Dance Dance Revolution pad or connect to the Kinect?


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