Vlingo unveils SuperDialer for Android devices

Vlingo is a name synonymous with intelligent voice applications that are capable of transforming words into action, where the company has rolled out a spanking new feature known as SuperDialer, targeting Android-powered devices in the process. Of course, as we all well know, Android devices are mostly smartphones, but many of them also come in portable media player or tablet form factors. Well, you can’t call anyone out of a tablet or portable media player, so it is safe to assume that the SuperDialer, as its name suggests, will work only on smartphones. First of all, a little bit of history lesson – the original voice dialer from Vlingo connects users with people from a personal address book, while its new and improved SuperDialer expands on that functionality by accessing an infinite phone book to bridge a connection with any business, anywhere, anytime.

This new function is easily accessible and a cinch to use thanks to Vlingo’s Tap & Speak home screen widget. Using it will instantaneously unlock reviews, ratings, maps and directions in addition to one-click calling. The use of Vlingo does away with the need to access a phone book, call 411 or search the Internet simply to call a business, as they can just speak their wish and the software will go ahead to transform words into actions. It boasts greater flexibility compared to other voice dialing services, where among the phrases you can use include “Call Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami Beach”, “Call dentist” or “Directions to Fenway Park”.

Of course, if calling’s not your thing, you can still use Vlingo for Android for a non-phone Android device. All you need to do is tap on the Vlingo widget to send text and email messages, search the web using Google or Yahoo! engines, update your Twitter status for friends and family to know just exactly what you’re up to, open built-in and 3rd party applications, speak into any application with the Vlingo Everywhere voice keyboard, and hear both incoming text and email messages while you drive thanks to SafeReader.

Too bad Vlingo works only with Android 2.x and above devices, where it will retail for $9.99 per purchase. Well, if it makes your life easier and more convenient, why not?

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