LG Electronics to take the 3D route with new range

3D seems to be the next big thing these days, and LG Electronics does not want to miss out on it by bringing entertainment to the next dimension through the introduction of a full suite of 3D technology products which will definitely do its bit to usher content to life for consumers. You will be able to experience a whole new way of viewing movies by pairing LG’s new top-of-the-line “Infinia” LED HDTVs with its first-ever 3D-capable Network Blu-ray Disc player, letting you immerse yourself in superior picture quality and a 3D experience of your favorite sporting events as well as Hollywood mega-hits without heading out to the nearest cinema, but instead relaxing in the comfort of your home.

The LG Infinia LX9500 and LX6500 series HDTVs are compatible with LG’s BX580 Network Blu-ray Disc player as well as custom 3D eyewear, letting you experience 3D TV, colors and contrast like never before. As for the LX9500, you will be able to enjoy the ultimate home entertainment experience with THX certified picture quality, Full LED Slim technology, virtually unlimited content possibilities from NetCast Entertainment Access and an ultra-high refresh rate among others. LG hopes to make ownership of 3D technology more affordable for everyday folks like you and I by offering an exclusive bundle at retail for the launch of its 3D technology suite, where picking up any LG LX9500 or LX6500 LED HDTV alongside the LG 3D Blu-ray Disc Player from participating retailers, will save on the additional purcahse of 3D active shutter glasses as they will get two pairs for free, not to mention a $100 instant rebate and a bonus redemption certificate for you to receive Warner Home Video’s Blu-ray 3D title IMAX Under the Sea 3D by mail – of course, this offer is good while stocks last.

Getting these new appliances won’t put a strain on your monthly power bill either since both of LG’s 3D LED HDTVs have a variety of energy-saving features, where among them include an Intelligent Sensor which automatically calibrates and optimizes brightness, contrast, white balance and color, based on the ambient light in the room, helping it go some way in saving on energy output under most circumstances. They are also ENERGY STAR rated for that added peace of mind. Any takers?

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  1. I think the operative word here is “immersion”. Both computers and home entertainment electronics systems are giving our senses a real run for their money. Isn’t there a chance that the human brain will start looking at reality the same way it looks at 3D movies, games or audio? I mean I see it coming. I see a lot of zombies walking around in life who think, speak and act in large part as an echo from all the time they are spending each day looking and listening to the world via a remote or keyboard. You can just tell!

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