TextHook Stroller Smartphone Holder


So you happen to own a smartphone? Well, most of the smartphones these days come with built-in GPS navigation capability, which would be great if you happen to be new in a particular city. For new parents who swear by GPS, why not pick up the TextHook Stroller Smartphone Holder? After all, it is able to hold your smartphone securely onto a stroller, helping both you and baby get around town on foot without getting lost. Not only that, it frees up both hands to perform other parental tasks such as holding a baby, feeding him/her or changing the diapers – basically anything that requires both hands to jump into action. Targeting the geek parent, it won’t interfere with display accessibility be it touchscreen or keyboard, but be forewarned that moving around while using your smartphone might not be too wise as you don’t know where you’re pushing baby to. It will set you back by $25.99.

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