Spiked bench has you pay to sit

While I was in Los Angeles for E3, I was staying at a nice hotel that was located in a poor side of town.

I noticed that one of the buildings had, on its outside window panes, spikes. They were not spikes like the ones seen on punk rocker clothes, but they seemed to be part of the architecture itself. I began to realize that the spikes had probably been put there to deter loiterers from sitting on these window panes all day. No one wants to sit where it is uncomfortable.

I couldn’t help but think of this when I saw this bench designed by Fabian Brunsing. The basic premise is that if you want to sit on it, then you must pay for it. Depositing half a Euro will cause the spikes to retract, and you can sit comfortably.

I’m not certain if I want to live in a society that would put something like this in a public park. I realize that nothing is free, including benches. However, what is next, coin-operated water fountains? I’m already quite disgusted with pay-toilets.

Also, what happens if I am sitting on the bench and the time runs out? I’m not certain that I would be comfortable taking a leisurely rest on a device that could go all iron maiden on me if I stay there for too long. Please tell me this bench is a joke.