Rex bionic legs helps this man to walk again

Some of you might remember the story about Oscar the bionic cat, and how he was given legs to walk again. Rex is a set of bionic legs that is ready to make a person walk again.

I have included a video after the jump of Hayden Allen, a man who has not been able to walk for five years. However, he is now using Rex, and is learning to walk again.

Granted, it seems a little slow walking, but he is up on his feet and can manage stairs. Notice the controls on the hands, and how easy it is for him to put his legs in the Rex contraption from his wheelchair. He says that it takes about five minutes.

Now, this is the sort of bionic technology that we want to hear about, isn’t it? I think one of the things that I noticed about the video is the sincere happiness that Hayden has about walking again. I definitely want to see more healing bionics in everyday life. Apparently, keeping his legs moving helps the blood flowing, which cut down on infections for those who no longer have the use of their legs.

Of course, this technology is pretty expensive, and a pair of these legs costs about $150,000.


4 thoughts on “Rex bionic legs helps this man to walk again”

  1. hello my name is jason i am a T5 would the rex bionic legs work for me. I was wondering if i could get more info on rex bionic leg if they can work for me and how i would go about get one if they work for me. i have been in my wheelchair for 3years and i am 26 years old and would love to walk again i have the well to do it.

  2. hello my name is jason i was look at rexi and i am a t5 i can use my hands and arms and i was wondering if i could get more info on rexi bionic leg how would i got about get them if they work for me i am 26 been in the wheelchair for 3 years from bike accidnet and i would love to walk again i am to young for these

  3. I have Friedreich’s Ataxia and I was wondering if this technology would be suitable for me? I am a 17 – 18 year old male and currently I use a wheelchair with motorised wheels.

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