Acer Canada to roll out new 3D projectors

Acer Canada has plans to introduce new 3D video projectors for the masses in the Great White North, where it is made possible thanks to a clever combination of the projectors’ DLP 3D projection capabilities as well as high refresh rates. Because of that, a flat surface of any wall can be turned into an impromptu 3D screen, just make sure that the color is light enough (white is best) for the best image quality, since a yellow or orange painted wall can be quite disconcerting on the eyes when you project a video. We will take a closer look at the projectors in the extended post.

The Acer X1230PS will target home theater enthusiasts, as it offers brilliant visuals regardless of whether you are viewing video, game content or photos among others. There is an incredible level of realism and video immersion achieved via this short-throw projector, where you will be able to enjoy clear, large images up to 109-inches diagonal even while positioned as close as 6.5-feet from the screen, doing away with a long projection distance. You will be able to enjoy a cinematic aspect ratio of 16:9, not to mention 4:3 when the situation calls for it. The Acer X1230PS delivers XGA resolution (1,024 x 768 pixels) as well as 2500 ANSI lumens and 3000:1 contrast ratio. also heightens the color and clarity of the images. Connectivity options include composite video, s-video mini-DIN, component video, D-sub for a PC analog signal, as well as USB mini B, and RS232 mini-DIN control interface. It will retail for 699 Canadian dollars.

As for the Acer X1261, this 3D projector delivers up to 2500 ANSI lumens, a 3700:1 contrast ratio and a vertical refresh rate of 50-120Hz, all in native XGA resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio with the ability to be adjusted to a 16:9 aspect ratio if you happen to view video content from Blu-ray Discs and DVD. It will connect to other devices via composite video, component video, and S-video mini-DIN, as well as a RS232 mini-DIN control interface. If you’re looking for a decent 3D projector without breaking the bank, then the Acer X1261 represents good value for money for 599 Canadian dollars. All purchases come with a 1-year warranty, while the lamp is guaranteed for 3 months.

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