LaCie XtremKey USB Drive

by Ally

I’ve never really had any data that was so incredibly important that it needed to withstand extreme conditions.  However, if you find yourself regularly transporting sensitive material that is irreplaceable you might want to pick up the Lacie XtremKey.  It can handle a whole lot more than just a little water.

This may not be the prettiest USB drive ever created, but it can deal with being dropped into water up to 333 feet deep.  It can also deal with temperatures as low as -58 and as high as 392 degrees Fahrenheit.  Should a 10-ton truck happen to run it over it’ll survive just fine.  It can also cope with normal situations like being dropped.  It has a Zamac shell that keeps it safe.  You can purchase it in sizes 8GB to 64GB.  The smallest is priced at $50 and will become available in August of this year.

Source: TechChee

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