The Boeing hydrogen-powered Phantom Eye

Just yesterday, when I was discussing the Taranis, I mentioned the Phantom Ray from Boeing. Here is another project that Boeing is working on known as the Phantom Eye.

This is a spy plane, but this recently unveiled unmanned aircraft has an interesting twist: it runs on hydrogen. That big round area in the middle is apparently filled with liquid hydrogen, that can somehow power the engine.

Now, some of you might worry that filling the Phantom Eye with hydrogen could create a mini-Hindenburg with a 150-foot wingspan. Especially if you are floating this thing over enemy territory, and they might just take some shots at it. However, this thing is over 65,000 feet in the air, and that is a little out of range of most firearms.

The plan is to have this thing stay up in the air for four days at 170 miles per hour at a range of 16,000 miles. I don’t see a camera on this guy yet, but I assume that the Phantom Eye is planned for reconnaissance photos. I wonder if it was filled with hydrogen gas, could it actually stay up in the air indefinitely like a balloon?

Well, I believe that the Phantom Eye is still in its experimental stage, but we’ll probably be hearing more about it.


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  1. Bad idea, very very but eggxtremly bad idea. No firearm is out of range when shooting anything out of the sky and this is literally a flying bomb waiting to go atomic on your ass!

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