USB Powered UVMini

If you’re traveling and happen to be staying in a strange hotel, you don’t always know whether or not the place is sanitary.  That’s a tricky thing if you happen to drop your toothbrush on the bathroom floor or within the shower.  Thankfully there is this UVMini that lets you sanitize your toothbrush while you’re on the go, instead of having to purchase a whole new brush every time you get clumsy.

The UVMini uses USB power to make sure it stays up and going.  That’s convenient for those of you that never travel without your laptop.  If you happen to be away from your computer though, it does have a decent rechargeable battery that’ll let you sterilize your toothbrush even when it’s not plugged in.  Each of these tiny boxes comes with a cute little design on the front.  You can read more as to which stores you can find this in by going to the UVMini website.

Source: EverythingUSB

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