iSound takes a cue from ocarinas

I have pretty much given up on ever finding a pair of earphones that I’m entirely happy with.  It’s not that I’m so obsessive over sound quality that I’m never satisfied.  I really just don’t think they’re that comfortable.  They’re either falling out due to being too small or just slowly work their way out over a few minutes.  Either way I really don’t think anyone should have to settle and deal with that.  Thankfully the designer Yong Lee agrees.  They’ve designed some earphones that may actually stay in your ears.

These earphones took a design cue from an ocarina, they work by pressing into your ears, but at the same time they get a little support from the other side as well.  They have a T-shape design, so it sits snugly within your ear and hopefully takes away from the slipping problem.  Now of course these are still a design right now, so you can’t actually purchase them.  However, I’m glad to see someone thinking these things through a little more.

Source: Yanko

2 thoughts on “iSound takes a cue from ocarinas”

  1. This is yet another pathetic attempt to CHEAPLY do something in business. Like outsourcing, it may be cheap for you, the business owner, but the quality SUCKS for the customer.

    Here we have a photo of a girls ear and the topic about earphones. What does this company do? They PHOTOSHOP earphones into this girls ear such that its OBVIOUS that its been done. AND, the job sucked too as it looks horribly fake and would NEVER sit in an ear like that.

    But maybe that is why they photoshopped it to begin with….

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