Clip On Mosquito Repeller

Going out for camping can be fun, but you can bet your bottom dollar that mosquitoes will be part of the equation, so it makes perfect sense to protect yourself from those irritating bites as you would much rather donate your blood to those who need it instead of feeding off the current generation of mosquitoes so that they can multiply even more and bite you and your kids all the more during your next camping trip. The Clip On Mosquito Repeller might just come in handy compared to chemical-based sprays, since it will clip on (as you can tell by its name, obviously) to a belt and repel mosquitoes which are within a 15′ radius of wherever you go. In older days, you might even be deemed to be a wizard with such great power that even nasty mosquitoes prefer to take the path less flown. This is made possible thanks to the device automatically emitting a subtle floral scent of geraniol, a plant-derived essential oil which is also a natural insect repellent. In laboratory tests which were performed by a University of Florida entomologist, geraniol proved to be way effective compared to DEET, a chemical that sees action in most bug repellents. Since the Clip On Mosquito Repeller runs off a silent fan, you need not worry about it driving you nuts instead of the buzzing of mosquitoes. Each geraniol cartridge (two included with each purchase) can last up to 120 hours, where it has a button to turn it on or off. Powered by a couple of AA batteries, give yourself some relief from mosquitoes with this $24.95 purchase.

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