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The iPhone 3GS is a very capable phone, and we would have placed the iPhone 4 under that category as well if it did not have reception issues. Well, while the iPhone 3GS could do just about any thing imaginable thanks to its vast array of apps, why not marry such a smartphone with a smart case? That is what makes the Beamer iPhone Case special – no, it is not meant for those who drive BMWs as its name suggests phoenetically, but rather, is more noted for the brains behind the case. is the place where the idea for the Beamer iPhone case was born, and this durable, iPhone-hugging hardcase is equipped with a built-in super bright LED. This is perfect for you to get that extra oomph when you want to make video recordings or shoot photos in low light conditions, and comes in handy when you’re in a cinema and need to find something you dropped on the floor by accident. Good thing it is powered by a replaceable coin cell battery, so you need not worry about having it suck up more juice than your iPhone could spare. £34.99 for a brilliant idea – pun not intended!

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