Verizon and Samsung team up to bring N150 netbook to the masses


Both Verizon Wireless and Samsung Electronics have come together this time round, offering a spanking new netbook (all right, so the netbook is not exactly brand new when it comes to a market release, but at least it isn’t pre-loved when yours arrives at the doorstep!) which comes in the form of the Samsung N150, merging a sleek design with a battery life which is able to last up to seven hours. Of course, while there are many places with free Wi-Fi connectivity these days, you would be pleased to know that this version of the Samsung N150 is able to deliver anytime, anywhere mobile broadband network connectivity thanks to the proliferation of Verizon’s network throughout the country.

The Samsung N150 has been ready for order since last week, and underneath the hood you will be able to find a range of specifications and features such as an Intel Atom N450 1.66GHz processor running the proceedings from within, not to mention Windows 7 Starter as the operating system of choice which is more than capable of handling a slew of applications without compromising on performance – at least within the confines of a netbook. We don’t expect you to run AutoCAD on a netbook, you know. There is also the presence of a pre-installed SIM Card that enables access to over 200 countries, where more than 110 of those are connected via 3G speeds so that you don’t have to tear your hair out while waiting on EDGE speeds.

Thanks to its integrated chargeable USB port, you can use the N150’s battery to juice up your range of mobile devices even when it is turned off, making it a whole lot more convenient as there is one less charger for you to tote around where USB devices are concerned. Tipping the scales at a mere 2.73 pounds, you need not worry about whether your shoulder breaking over a long distance flight or route compared to other traditional heavier notebooks. The inclusion of Wi-Fi N connectivity also helps you keep up with the times. There are several Mobile Broadband plans to choose from, ranging from $39.99 to $59.99 for monthly access with limited data, while those who want to take the prepaid route aren’t short of options either.

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